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LifeBlood aims to increase safe voulntary blood donations in Sierra Leone thereby increasing the stock and supply of blood products in blood banks.
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LifeBlood is a digital health platform owned by AutoHealth, which is developed to help address the problem of acute shortages in blood products in the country’s health care delivery system. Over the years, the Health Care Sector has been using manual and paper-based systems to manage and run their affairs. Lifeblood is here to digitize these existing systems into safe, secured and reliable systems, and also keep track of accurate data.

We Aim To

Provide proper blood education thereby reducing false blood beliefs.
Establish proper communication between the demand side and the donor side
Increase voluntary nonremunerated
Increase safe blood availability, blood data and donor support

A Three-in-one system

LifeBlood is basically a three-in-one system and their functional modules are categorized as follows:


Community Module

This module is delivered via Mobile App and is used by the public to learn about their blood groups, participate in blood donation campaigns, receive alerts when there are cases of emergencies and potential shortages in blood banks; and make financial donations.


NSBS Module

The National Safe Blood Service (NSBS) Module under the Ministry of Health oversee all blood related activities that is done through the system


Facility Module

This module is used by hospitals and clinics that engage in blood extraction and storage for use during emergencies and other cases of blood transfusion. This module involves RBTC, TFS, Clinicians and Lab Technicians.

Our Partners


There will be a Blood Donation Campaign at GIZ EnDev Office, Lower Pipe Line Drive, Big House Junction, Wilkinson Road. This Campaign is created by the German Embassy / GIZ, and will commence on Wednesday, 31st May 2023. Please note that medical experts will check your blood pressure, temperature, Hb & other vitals to make sure that it is safe for you to donate! All hygiene and safety protocols will be observed. Snacks, drinks, and a resting area will be made available. Join the campaign below in any of our available time slots.

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Blood Drive at GIZ EnDev Office
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Blood Drive GIZ at EnDev Office
Join Campaign
GIZ Logo
Blood Drive GIZ at EnDev Office
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Facilities We Support

LifeBlood is currently operational in the following facilities


Address: Froubay Bay Road
Support: 24 Hours

Connaught Hospital

Address: Lightfoot Boston Street
Support: 24 Hours

Rokupa Hospital

Address: Bai Bureh Road
Support: 24 Hours

34 Millitary Hospital

Address: Willberforce Barracks
Support: 24 Hours

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